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What you don’t know about Social Security may COST you!retirement-income--annuities

Did you know the age to start receiving Social Security income is no longer 65?  That’s right, the age to start collecting your full income with no penalty has moved up to age 66.  So if you start at age 65 you are going to receive less per month for the rest of your life.  You can start collecting as young as 62 but of course that reduces your monthly income even more.  If you’re not in any hurry to start collecting you can wait up to age 70 before you start.  Doing this would increase your monthly income from what you would have received had you opted in earlier. Make sure you get all the information before you make an irrevocable decision.  Of course the ONLY way to create a secondary source of income that is guaranteed for life is to purchase an annuity.  We work with only A and A+ rated carriers to provide you with the financial products you need and the security you want.
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Medicare Benefits Explained

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